Who is behind RFLCT?
RFLCT was founded in February 2024 by the Austrian Chris Black and in the same month the online shop www.rflctclo.com was launched and the first collection went online.
Chris Black is originally from Kitzbühel , but for professional reasons lived in various German cities such as Hamburg, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Oberhausen, Heidelberg and Regensburg for 9 years before founding the streetwear label WE ARE BALLA BALLA in 2020 ! WE ARE BALLA BALLA was successful in the German-speaking market for three years, but was sued twice over trademark rights. Although agreements were reached with the other two companies, too much had to be given up. That's why the brand has been called RFLCT since February 2024.
Since 2020, Chris has been living primarily in Portugal , as that is where all of his production facilities that he works with are located. Company headquarters are in Kitzbühel and in the north of Portugal!
Chris takes care of all areas himself, does the designs himself, takes the product photos himself, takes care of social media , supplies the shops , works closely with several productions from Portugal , stands in front of the lens from time to time and does the marketing and constantly improving e-commerce .
The music for the respective collection videos also comes from Chris and his producers!
Everything about shipping , i.e. your packages, is looked after by Elisabeth , Chris's sister and her son Dominik!
What can we give you?
From day one, it was very important to us to make streetwear from organic, recycled and upcycled materials .
We also strive to make very soft pieces that are made in Portugal under fair working conditions.
In summary, with us you get ultra-soft streetwear that is manufactured to a high quality and lasts a long time .
Facts and explanations:
Organic material: 100% organic cotton In contrast to conventional cotton, the cultivation of organic cotton does not involve the use of synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilizers.
Recycled streetwear: Recycling involves reusing all kinds of waste products in a variety of ways. For example: Our beanies are made from recycled plastic bottles.
Upcycled streetwear: These are usually unused, i.e. new, remaining stock from another brand that is given a second (or third) life in the form of a new product type. We essentially recycle waste products from other brands that would otherwise be thrown away new and unused.